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Important Buying Points for a Lawn Edger


For any homeowner who maintains their own lawn, it's quite relaxing and satisfying to be able to step back and see the mowed and well-trimmed front yard. It's even more interesting with the smell of freshly cut grass. But it's the neatly trimmed grass that makes the lawn stand out from the rest. Mowing your lawn or edging it is like washing your car but not waxing it. It looks better but there's really nothing special to it. It's the lawn trimmer that can turn your ordinary lawn into something extra special.


There are several things that you should look for in a lawn edger. Here are some of the most crucial ones:


o             It's necessary for you to buy an edge trimmer that will start without trouble. This should start in just one or two pulls of the cord.


o             You also would benefit more from a gas-powered push kind of trimmer. The other edgers that are electric or pole won't be able to give you the convenience, speed, and the quality of cut that gas-powered push edger can provide. Get more info here!


o             It is necessary for you to have an edge trimmer that has enough horsepower and torque to finish the job. An edger that has a torque of 4.75 and a horsepower of 3.5 for its motor will be enough for a standard size yard.


o             You would also like to ensure that the trimmer comes with a blade-disengagement capability. This will allow the user to disengage the edger's cutter blade. This is a crucial safety feature that an edge trimmer should possess. You may also read further at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irrigation.


o             It's also significant to have an edge trimmer that can strike a balance when it is used on curbs, on uneven ground, and others. An edger should have four wheels for it to have the right balance compared to an edger that only has three wheels.


o             You'll be interested to have an edge trimmer that can give you a neat and clean-cut grass along the front yard, the garden, or pathway.


o             It's also important for you to have the best lawn edger  trimmer that allows you to easily and quickly replace the blade once it becomes worn down and requires replacement.


o             The edge trimmer should also include some protective features for the user such as edger blade guard and trimmer blade debris deflector.


o             It's also important for the edger/trimmer to allow you to switch from being an edger to a trimmer vice versa without any hassles.