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Using a Lawn Edger


Trimming your lawn is either done manually or in a motorized way. The tool is used to make distinct boundaries between a lawn and another ground surface feature. The lawn may either be grass or any soft ground cover. The other ground surface on the other hand can be concreted or asphalted area. The lawn edges are of many different types. Among the types is the purpose designed lawn edgers. These are the most time efficient for the long even edges. There are also for stringed trimmers. These are more efficient for angular edges.


They are also used around interrupting features such as rocks.


Edgers usually come in different varieties. They come in wheeled and in stick designs. You therefore need to choose between gasoline lawn edgers or the electric lawn edgers. You also need to choose whether it's a manual hand edger where you power yourself. The gas lawn edger is way heavier and noisier than the electric model. It is however better when it comes to heavy tangles of weed and brush.

Being safe is the first thing to put into consideration before trimming your lawn.


Before powering your edger therefore ensure you are safe. Wear long pants and googles for your protection. They protects you from injury that may occur. Use ear plugs to cover your ears. This is because your hearing may be damaged by the loud sound being produced. When trimming you need to check out for obstacles. You can either hit or damage them or you can wear down your edgers blade. It is advisable to dig a slight trench as you go along. Discard the grass after you are finished trimming your field. Check this homepage for more info!


Whenever you design your edges always remember that the edges don't have to be straight and square. Curved borders give a very beautiful appearance of the lawn. To save on your finances you simply a natural edging. This is done by using a flat edged shovel. You dig a trench which is V-shaped between the grass and the flower bed. The trench can later be filled with mulch, click now!


Edging your trees and flowerbeds personally will take more of your time if you don't use a professional landscaper. This may however be expensive. You will therefore need a good edging material to give it a professional touch. To take the best edging material consider its price, durability and how it fits the landscaping design you want. The materials that you can choose from includes, natural stone, plastic, gravel, metal and concrete pavers among others. You may also gather more ideas from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7aDsmo35Oo.